9.5 inch BlueSilk 3pc Paint Roller Set

9.5 inch BlueSilk Paint Roller Frame Set. A 3 piece paint roller set which includes the interesting lightweight and smooth rolling, BlueSilk paint roller frame, together with matching short pile, and medium pile BlueSilk paint roller refill sleeves. Professionals will struggle to find such a smooth paint rolling system. A different, but beautiful frame which is certainly worth considering if you use similar size frames, and want to produce really even finish.

  • Smooth rolling
  • responsive lightweight handling
  • Screwfit handle - fits all our screwfit poles.
  • Excellent coverage and finish
  • all flat and low sheen paints
  • 9.5 inch
  • 1.5 inch diameter
Fits all trays from 11 inches and above, and all scuttles 10 Litres and above.
You can currently buy two additional matching paint roller refill sleeves in short pile (10mm), and medium pile (13mm) from the links on the right hand side. You can buy additional sets of replacement end caps from the links on the right hand side of the page.

9.5 inch BlueSilk Paint Roller Frame Set includes frame and two paint roller refills in a matching set.

single pack£8.98

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