Fosbide Tungsten Carbide Screw-fit Scraper 50mm (includes blade)

The Fosbide Tungsten Carbide Scraper is a professional fast hook scraper from Fossa. A solidly constructed tool, with fully anodized steel body and ventilated handle. The handle is now fitted with screw-thread, allowing you to fit it to an extension pole, for a two-handed grip.

Supplied fitted with a high quality 50mm double edged reversible cemented tungsten carbide tipped blade - a super hard and durable reversible blade with two edges, which will hold it's edge up to 50 times longer than standard blades.

Fosbide blades have the highest tungsten content available, don't mistake them for lower tungsten content blades which blunt quickly on hard surfaces, and which are really only suitable for use on wood.

Replacement for: Fits scraper:
LINBIDE 50mm Carbide Blade Linbide Scraper 50mm
INDASA 50mm Carbide Blade

Stanley Expert Scraper 50mm STA028640


The Fosbide Scraper removes of glue, paint, varnish, boat anti-foul coatings, woodstains and rust from flat surfaces with/without a heat gun or chemical stripper. The corner of the blade can be used for more intricate detail. Use on wood, concrete, metal, GRP. Ideal for stripping boat hulls, windows, doors, wooden trim, rusty metal, stonework, concrete etc. Super sharp, specially ground edges reduce the risk of scratching surfaces. Use with either a pull or push action. Use the blade as fitted with a pulling action for scraping wood, stripping paint and glue, or, flip the blade around and use a pushing action when burning off paint. Blades are easily changed by releasing the wingnut release clamp. We supply both 50mm and NEW 60mm replacement Fosbide cemented tungsten carbon steel blades (see links on right hand side of page).

Fosbide Scraper with screw-fit handle is sold in singles.


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