Fossa Painters Mitt (Microfibre)

Fossa Painters Mitt is a unique microfibre painting mitt with adjustable hook-n-loop wrist strap. Allows the unique wrap around application of paint to railings, columns and other complex or awkward surfaces that are not easily painted with a paint brush or paint roller. Also ideal for automotive waxing and polishing, as well as cleaning.

  • Ideal for painting chains, spindles, railings, military equipment
  • Very high paint loading - less trips to the bucket
  • Very low shed fabric - avoids the fuzz
  • Superior finish to cheaper knitted fabric mitts
  • Adjustable elasticated wrist strap for a secure fit

This Microfibre painting glove, holds loads of paint, manufactured with a plastic liner (not fully water-proof), and cotton inner liner. Adjustable elasticated wrist strap, with hook n loop fastening so you can secure the mitt to your hand during use, as these types of mitts normally come off your hand all too easily. Fossa Microfiber Painters Mitt is individually packaged, and sold in singles, and packs of 3 mitts at an even better discount.

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Fossa Painters Mitt (Microfibre)