Painters Mitt (Synthetic)

Painters Mitt and Polishing Mitt (painters glove) is a multi-purpose synthetic fleece mitt, popular with decorators for painting awkward substrates like pipes, columns, radiators etc., automotive waxing, polishing and washing, as well as commercial dusting, polishes, and cleaning, washing cars, boats and bicycles.

Use an inner protective disposable glove if you wish to use the mitt for painting, where it allows easy and speedy application of paints to railings, posts, pipes, fences, spindles and chain etc. Mit has a non-woven internal liner, and an elastic wristband - but it's not really adequate to keep the glove on your hand during use. If this is important to you, take a look at the Fossa Painters Mitt which is a superior microfibre mitt that has an adjustable hook-n-loop wrist band to secure the glove to you wrist.

Our Painters Mitt is available in singles, and packs of 12 gloves to save you even more.

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Painters Mitt (Synthetic)