J H Ratcliffe's Linseed Oil Scumble

J H Ratcliffe's Oil-based Linseed Oil Scumble is a pre-tinted semi-paste formulation.


29/4/13 - Note: Ratcliffe's have now discontinued this product, this has been replaced by Polyvine Pre-tinted Traditional Oil Scumble, instead of the Ratcliffe's product. It's actually a much better product, so we think you'll be very happy with this substitute.


Use for producing wood graining and broken colour effects. The final shade achieved will be affected by the products consistancy at the time of application.

Once the coating has dried (minimum of 16 hours), the finish should be protected with at least two coats of varnish. Do not use polyurethane varnish on exterior work. Polyvine suggest using their Extra Pale Varnish Eggshell or, Extra Pale Varnish Eggshell Dead Flat for exterior use. Available in 6 different colours in 500ml sizes.

Because of some complaints in the industry about this product's performance since it's recent reformulation, we have introduced a new product Polyvine Pre-tinted Traditional Oil Scumble which also uses a traditional solvent-borne formulation with extended drying times.

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Correct ground coat colours as originally specified by J H Ratcliffe's are available in  Eggshell Paint (see link on right hand side of page):

Scumble Colour Ground coat colour
Light Oak No 2 Chrome Buff
Medium Oak No 2 Chrome Buff
Dark Oak No 4 Mid Stone
Mahogany No 6 Mid Venetian
Teak No 10 Orange
Walnut No 6 Mid Venetian


Available in 6 different colours in 500ml sizes only


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