Zamix Latex Extender

Zamix Latex Extender (also known as X.I.M. Latex X-Tender) is a water-borne paint conditioner, which is formulated to thin the viscosity of thick water-borne latex paints, water-borne varnishes, and water-borne primers, allowing easier application and producing a smoother finish.

Use when spraying with HVLP, where it allow these coatings paints to spray smoothly without further thinning. Doesn't affect flash rusting control or sag control of latex paints or primers.

Zamix Latex Extender can usefully extend the “wet edge” or working time of water-borne coatings, without affecting the paint or primer's overall curing time. Improves flow and leveling, allowing thick coatings to flow out when brushing, and reducing brush and roller drag. Does not yellow or cloud water-borne varnish films. Tends to bring out the full gloss level of products.

Shake container well before using. Add between 2.5 to a maximum of 8 fluid oz per 5 Litre of latex paint or primer (approx 15 ml to 45 ml per litre of material), and stir well. Please note due to stock issues with this product, we are limiting the amount each customer can purchase with there order. Customers can only purchase 2 containers at any one time.

Zamix / XIM Latex Extender is available in 0.946 Litre containers. 


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Zamix Latex Extender