Brush Mate Vapour Mate

Brush Mate Vapour Mate replacement vapour pads, are pre-impregnated with fluid, and for use within the Brush Mate Trade 4+ Paint Brush Storage System.

The liquid from the pre-impregnated pad evaporates very slowly, producing a powerful heavier-than-air solvent vapour that fills the container. This vapour prevents the solvent evaporation and film formation of oil-based or alkyd paints and varnishes, allowing you to store wet paint brushes used with these coatings for many months.

The 'tell tale' fastened to the Vapour Mate pad gives an indication when you should replace it. When the star in the 'window' noticeably fades in relation to the other star it is time to replace the Vapour Mate. We advise customers to always keep at least one spare Vapour Mate for when your current Vapour Mate needs replacing.

Under normal temperatures and useage a typical DIY user can expect that their Vapour Mate pad will last around 5 months, however professional painters and decorators who are opening their Brush Mate 4+ more frequently will find that the Vapour Mate pad needs replacing at much shorter intervals. To maximise the life of your Vapour Mate pad follow these points:

  • Ensure the lid is properly in place at all times except when removing or replacing brushes.
  • Preferably only remove lid in still air conditions.
  • Whenever possible store your Trade 4+ in a cool, draught free position.
  • Avoid keeping your Trade 4+ in a place where there are large variations in temperature.

Brush Mate Vapour Mate is sold in singles, packs of 5 pads, and bulk packs containing 10 pads to save you even more.

pack of 5£27.22
pack of 10£54.10

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Brush Mate Vapour Mate