Complete Universal Clear Wood Preservative

Universal Clear Wood Preservative is a complete Anti-Rot and Woodworm Treatment, and all-in-one, universal wood preserver for both the prevention and eradication of woodboring insects, wet rot, dry rot, wood rotting fungi, and disfiguring fungi such as Blue Stain. HSE Approved. Gold Star rated liquid is formulated using a low-odour solvent carrier.

Suitable for use as an on-site preservative pre-treatment for bare wood (particularly cut end grain), prior to overcoating with paints, woodstains and varnishes. Use on indoor timber flooring, joists, window frames, doors, floor boards, and for replacement timbers which are out of ground and surface water contact.

Application: Apply 2-3 liberal coats by brush or short time immersion (dipping or deluging) to all bare areas of timber, paying particular attention to cut end grain. Theoretical coverage for planed timber: 8 square meters per litre per coat, rough sawn timber: 4 square meters per litre per coat. Practical coverage will vary depending on porosity and profile of the timber. Minimum drying time: 48-72 hours (could be much longer). Ensure sufficiant time is left for solvents in the treatment to completely leave the substrate before overcoating, this is particularly important when overcoating with water-borne coatings, otherwise cissing may occur. As a rule of thumb if treated surfaces still have a strong solvent smell after 48 hours, solvent is probably still present and evaporating from the timber.

Complete Anti-Rot and Woodworm Treatment is available in 1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes.

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Complete Universal Clear Wood Preservative