Fossa Grax-it Wax Polish Remover and Degreaser

Fossa ® grax-it ® is a unique commercial strength water-based wax polish remover and degreaser for preparing surfaces prior to coating or refinishing. A transparent pale blue liquid with fantastic degreasing and wax polish removal properties, suitable for use on all metal, wood, glass and previously painted surfaces etc.

  • Easy removal of wax polish from furniture.
  • Won't damage or denature wood surfaces - timber keeps it's colour.
  • Quick and reliable degreasing of all metal surfaces prior to painting.
  • Solvent-free, non-hazzardous, pH neutral
  • Fast degreasing of new galvanised metal prior to priming.
  • Ideal for preparing all hand painted furniture.

Super-fast and reliable wax polish removal and degreasing ideal for painter's and decorators, hand painted furniture renovators, metal fabricators, and wood finisher’s using a safer, water-based, solvent-free, ph neutral and non-caustic formulation. It won't denature wood surfaces, unlike other alkaline based cleaning products which remove the Lignin from wood, and is ideal for quickly and reliably degreasing and de-waxing most surfaces prior to painting, including metal fabrications prior to priming, and removing wax polish from previously waxed furniture that you intend to refinish, or hand paint.

Application: Simply spray directly onto surface; leave for 2-3 minutes, agitating the surface occasionally to aid removal; then wipe off completely with clean rags or tissue. There should not normally be any need to rinse afterwards. Use a non-scratch scourer for aiding the removal of heavy build-up of grease or wax polish, or, if appropriate, a fine grade synthetic steel wool like Mirka Mirlon Total on wood surfaces. Reapply grax-it ® if necessary. Coverage: 1 Litre is sufficiant for covering approximately 4-5 square meters in a single application.

Fossa grax-it is not classified as dangerous to the environment or human health, so you won't find any warning labels on the back of the bottle. It's a safer alternative to highly alkaline, or solvent-based cleaners, including Citrus Limonene-based cleaners which may cause skin sensitisation.

Graxit is available in a 1 litre trigger spray, and supplied in singles, or full cartons containing 6 x 1 litre trigger sprays to save you even more.


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