Fossa TrueMask 88 Medium Tack Masking Tape

Fossa TrueMask 88 Precision Masking Tape, is a UV resistant, medium-tack, green flat-backed washi painters masking tape for interior and exterior use, capable of producing extra sharp lines, and colour transitions. It has a higher tack than our other TrueMask Washi Painters tapes. Ideal for projects where you need a painters tape with stronger adhesion. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 21. TrueMask 88 uses a medium grade of Washi paper, slightly thicker than TrueMask 86, but thinner than TrueMask 82, for good strength. The clean release time on interiors and exteriors is upto 4 weeks. 

  • Medium strength green washi paper backing.
  • high contrast green tape.
  • medium-tack for most standard indoor/outdoor painting projects.
  • Up to 4 weeks release indoors.
  • Clean removal.
  • Acrylic-based adhesive.
Thickness: 0.102 mm
Tensile Strength: 30.31 N/10mm
Adhesive Strength to Steel: 2.10 N/10mm



Important: Not suitable for use on porous natural mineral surfaces like stone or slate. Pressure sensitive adhesives degrade over time, and can be affected by moisture, temperature, environment and pressure. Please ensure you store your tapes sensibly, and away from the light, in a cool and dry place; the cooler the better, preferably 15°C or cooler. In summer months, the sun can be very strong, and temperatures high. Vehicles interiors can become very hot, so definitely avoid leaving your tapes inside a vehicle, otherwise the pressure sensitive adhesive may be adversely affected, causing residue problems when removing. In cold weather, and also when exposed to temperatures below freezing, allow sufficiant time for tapes to slowly reach room temperature before using them (this may take 12-24 hours).

Fossa True Mask 88 Precision Masking Tape is available in 1 inch (24mm) and 1.5 inch (36mm) widths, each roll is 50 meters long. It's also available in carton quantities at a fantastic bulk price.

single roll24mm x 50m£2.21
box of 3624mm x 50m£67.18
single roll36mm x 50m£2.83
box of 2436mm x 50m£59.39

*all prices include VAT

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Fossa TrueMask 88 Medium Tack Masking Tape