Keen Metallic Spray Paint Aerosol

Keen Metallic Spray Paints are a high quality range of realistic metallic finishes which are available in Silver and Gold. Dry in just 10 minutes they are suitable for interior use on most surfaces including; wicker baskets, radiators, ceramics, ironware, furniture, stencilling, picture frames, dado rails, louver doors, toys, bikes etc. and should be overcoated with our Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coating to provide protection, and to give a lustrous glossy gilt metallic finish.

Keen Metallic Spray Paint may be left uncoated for the most realistic gold and silver gilding effect, however a characteristic of the realistic gold and silver leafing pigment used in this product is that it is non-durable, and will mark relatively easily, leaving a pigment residue on hands and clothing.

It is recommended that uncoated plastics, PVC, ceramic, glass, galvanised metal and other difficult to coat surfaces are primed with a suitable primer such as Zinsser BIN Aerosol. Ferrous metals, most non-ferrous metals, and/or bare wood, should be primed with Keen Spray Paint Primer when required, or other suitable primer.

Keen Spray Paint Primer cans are fitted with, self-cleaning valve's, safety cap, use genuine 15 bar resistant containers, and ozone safe propellant. Coverage approximately 2 square meters per can. Touch dry in 10 minutes, fully through-dry in 24 hours. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity (60% RH) and good drying conditions. Do not apply if temperatures are below 15°C, especially in areas of low ventilation. Don't use on polystyrene surfaces.

Available in 400ml aerosol cans in Silver and Gold.

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