Keen Adhesion Primer Spray Paint

Keen Adhesion Primer Spray Paint, is a specialist interior and exterior protective primer. A matt, mid-grey finish, rust inhibiting primer, which protects surfaces, and promotes adhesion on difficult to paint non-ferrous metals including aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and zinc galvanised surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion on these surfaces.

It offers excellent opacity, and produces a very smooth, flat brush mark free finish which dries quickly. It can be overcoated with any standard decorative paint.

Before application, it's recommended to very lightly abrade surfaces with a very fine grade silicone carbide abrasive (1000 grit) to promote adhesion. Surfaces should be dry, clean and free from anything which will interfere with the adhesion of the coating.

Application: Use at temperature 20 - 25 deg C. Shake for a few minutes after hearing the click of metal ball bearing. Spray at approximately 18-20cm from surface. Shake can occasionally during use. Apply light cross coats, first vertically, then horizontally. Denib lightly between coats. Touch dry: 15 minutes at 20 deg C, normal humidity and good drying conditions. Through dry: minimum 36 hours. Recoat: 18 hours.

Notes: In cold temperatures, preheat the can in a bath of warm water at 20-25 deg C. Do not apply in excessive humidity or at temperatures below 15 deg C. Remove excess paint with acetone or paint thinner.

Keen Adhesion Primer Spray Paint is sold in 400ml cans, as well as cartons of 4 cans at an even better discount.

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Keen Adhesion Primer Spray Paint

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