Maxbo Scuttle Trap + 2 Free Scuttles

Maxbo® Scuttle Trap 2 is a new innovative, robust metal support system, which locks to both sides of your plastic paint scuttle* to stabilise it; stop it tipping under roller pressure when loading/unloading; and reinforce the scuttles roll-off areas to stop them bowing and deforming for even paint roller loading/unloading.

Promotional Offer: The Scuttle Trap now comes complete with 2 x  FREE 15L buckets.

The Scuttle Trap makes the paint scuttle dramatically stable and rigid when loading and unloading your paint roller. It really is a joy to use. Once you've tried the Scuttle Trap for a while, you may find you have difficulty going back to a tray, or an unstabilised paint scuttle.

If you're a decorator who prefers paint trays, the Scuttle Trap might make you consider using a paint scuttle again. It makes paint scuttles just as ridgid and stable as the best paint tray. And because it's a scuttle, it's also a lot easier to move around your project with one hand (as you can continue to use the paint scuttles built in wire handle), without having to bend down and pick up your paint tray, and there are generally less paint refills required compared to a tray, as paint scuttle hold more paint.

  • Patented design locks to both sides of your 15 Litre Maxbo paint scuttle.
  • Stabilises scuttle and stops it tipping with paint roller pressure.
  • Reinforces roll-off surfaces to resist bowing for more even roller loading.
  • Flat base slides over floors, without feet to catch.
  • Optional stand-on foot-wire stops scuttle trap sliding (i.e. concrete floors).
  • Rugged, 2mm fully stainless steel plate construction, resists corrosion.

Rather than buying expensively engineered plastic scuttles with intruding roll-off areas that are costly to replace, and often with nooks and crannies that can make them more difficult to clean. Consider buying the Maxbo® Scuttle Trap as a one off purchase. It allows you to use much cheaper Maxbo Paint Scuttles which are easier to clean, together with cheaper industry standard scuttle liners. 

* Note: The Scuttle Trap is only for use with the Maxbo No. 2 15 Litre paint scuttles. The Scuttle Trap will not work correctly with other types of paint scuttle.


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Maxbo Scuttle Trap + 2 Free Scuttles

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