Premium Blue Microfibre Decorators Cloth

Premium Blue Microfibre Decorators Cloths are premium quality 320/gsm fabric weight. Each cloth is 40 x 40cm and is made from a high quality superfine micro-fibre with a slightly smoother feel, and slightly thinner profile compared to our thicker, Green Microfibre cloths.

Ideal when paperhanging as the microfibre cloths are less likely to polish the seams unlike general purpose decorators sponges. Also ideal for cleaning stainless steel, chrome, glass, granite, ceramic, bodywork and more.

Premium Blue Microfibre cloths have a higher absorbency microfibre yarn which absorbs more water, more quickly, than standard microfibre cloths. Premium Blue Microfibre cloths can be used on any surface without scratching, linting or streaking. Can also be used on the softest of paint finishes as it will not scratch or marr the surface.

Premium Blue Micro-fibre cloths are available in singles or packs of 5.

pack of 5£6.48

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Premium Blue Microfibre Decorators Cloth