Dragger Brush

Our Dragger brush is hand crafted in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of quality using only the finest bristle and high quality hardwood handle. This Dragger will give many years of excellent service when used and cleaned with care. This Dragger brush is used to provide woodgraining effects.

Drag the dry brush through the wet glaze to leave parallel lines, these lines are then broken up with a Flogger. Knotting and wavy lines can also be produced using this Dragger brush. Ideal for use with both oil and acrylic glaze. Either buy or make up a glaze (scumble) in artists oil colours to the desired shade. Brush in your surface with a broad flat brush, then drag from the top of the panel or wall section evenly with this Dragger.

Immediately after use, wash the brush well in cool soapy water, using hard bar soap. Work the soap into a lather throughout the bristles to condition them. Rinse and hang the brush to dry. Please note: Acrylics dry quickly. Keep bristles wet while in use. Clean hardened brush with denatured alcohol (Methylated Spirits).

Available in 50mm (2 inch) width.

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Dragger Brush

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