Stippler Brush - Lily Bristle

Our Stippler brush is hand made in the United Kingdom using only the finest Lily Bristle and high quality hardwood handle - we think they are the best Stippler on the market, by a long, long, way and contain far more bristle than the similar sized Whistler Stipplers which we used to sell. The Stippler is used to soften colour by evenly distributing the wet paint, or by swirling the stippler, a variety of patterns can be produced.

To produce a stippled finish, strike the thin wet glaze hard with the flat head of the brush to remove speckles of glaze revealing the base colour. Care must be taken to strike the work at right angles or smudge marks may appear. The result, depending on the glaze medium used and the method of stippling can vary from fine freckles to soft mottling, creating a flattering background to fine furnishings. Available in six different sizes.

25 x 100 mm (1 x 4 inch)£23.25
25 x 150 mm (1 x 6 inch)£31.86
50 x 100 mm (2 x 4 inch)£25.11
75 x 100 mm (3 x 4 inch)£30.80
100 x 150 mm (4 x 6 inch)£48.09
150 x 200 mm (6 x 8 inch)£71.10

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Stippler Brush - Lily Bristle

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