Ardenbrite Quick Drying Basecoat

Ardenbrite Quick Drying Base Coat is a primer and adhesion promoter for Ardenbrite Metallic Paint. It reduces overcoating intervals and minimises down time. Suitable for use on paper, wood, plaster, ceramic, previously painted and cementitious areas, and on suitably primed ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Ardenbrite Quick Drying Base Coat is available in 500 ml, 1.00 and 2.50 Litre containers, in White only. Theoretical coverage 10 square meters per litre, practical coverage 8 square meters per litre. Touch dry in 2 hours, overcoatable in a minimum of 4 hours at 20°C and normal humidity and drying conditions.

500 ml£20.40
1 litre£37.19
2.5 litre£74.41

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Ardenbrite Quick Drying Basecoat

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