Zinsser Covers UP - Stain Block ing Ceiling Paint 400ml

Zinsser Covers UP is an excellent all in one stain killing primer, sealer and finish in one, which we think knocks the pants off Polycell Stain Block - its nearest competitor. A low odour aerosol which blocks stains and touches up in one. Zinsser Covers UP is a new generation product offers a flat matt white finish which matches most ceiling tiles and white ceiling paints. It seals water damaged ceilings and cleverly sprays vertically for ease of use. Just push the nozzle from the side to spray paint. It's perfect for touching up spot damage when you don't want to repaint the entire ceiling.

One coat stops water stains, blocks graffiti, nicotine and smoke stains. If desired, Zinsser covers-UP may be over-coated with any decorative paint in just two hours.

Great for Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Painted Ceilings, Coving and Ceiling Roses, Galvanised Duct Work, Overhead Pipes and Conduit, in fact just about any overhead surface.

Zinsser CoversUp is a vailable in 400ml Aerosol can with special vertical Spray Tip for ceilings.

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Zinsser Covers UP - Stain Block ing Ceiling Paint 400ml