Zinsser Allcoat - Multi-Surface Primer & Finish (Solvent Based)

Zinsser AllCoat Multi-Surface Primer & Finish (Solvent Based) is dead-flat high performance, synthetic resin paint for interior redecorations. It offers lighting fast and robust interior refurbishments, ideally suited to interior commercial projects where you need a belt-n-braces product to cover all manner of different substrates quickly and effectively. It's a 4-in-1 primer, sealer, stain blocker and finish which can be applied by brush, roller, paint pad or airless spray. Although solvent-based, its special formulation is virtually odour free, allowing it to be used in occupied environments where a strong solvent odour is ruled out.

Suitable for use on virtually all interior surfaces including prepared: New or previously painted drywall, cured plaster, cement, poured concrete, concrete block, stucco, wood (cedar, redwood, pine, fir, birch, oak and plywood), aluminuim, iron, steel and galvanised metal. PVC, glossy laminates, powder coatings and other interior surfaces.

  • Solvent based stain blocking performance without odour.
  • Professional formula also sprays through mid-sized airless pumps.
  • Seals difficult stains from water, fire, smoke and nicotine, pen, crayon etc.
  • Adheres to glossy surfaces without pre-sanding or deglossing.
  • Bright white, non-yellowing, dead-flat finish looks great when left uncoated over dingy, water-stained ceilings / walls. Also available in black or tint bases that can be tinted to any NCS, RAL or BS4800 shade.
  • High pH resistance (up to 12.5) for direct application to concrete, lime based plaster, plaster, stucco and fast set joint / texture compounds
  • Great for suspended ceilings, flat white finish matches tile colour, adheres to tile and powder coated frames.
  • Easy-sand formula makes a great enamel undercoat.
  • Compatible with all standard alkyd or acrylic topcoats.

Preparation: See technical data sheet on right hand side of page. Application: Stir well before using. Ready to use – no dilution necessary. In most cases only one coat is needed. Porous surfaces may require two coats to properly seal. Prime entire surface for best results. Apply using a quality synthetic paint brush like the Fossa ViperTrim, medium pile roller, paint pad, or airless spray, when air and surface temperatures are between 4°C and 32°C and humidity is less than 85% (for airless spray use tip 0.017 at pressure 2200 – 2800 psi.).  Touch dry: 1 hour at 20 deg C. Sand & Recoat: 2 hours at 20 deg C. Full cure: achieved after 7 days. Note:  Maximum Coverage: 9 square meters per litre per coat. Porous or rough textured surfaces will reduce coverage.  Gloss Level @ 60 deg: 5 GU (dead flat). Volume Solids: 54%. Thinner: Not normally required. Cleaner: White spirits for cleaning equipment.

Zinsser AllCoat Multi-Surface Primer & Finish (Solvent Based) paint is supplied in White in 2.5 Litre, 5 Litre and 10 Litre metal cans, and available from stock in any BS4800, RAL or NCS colour in sizes 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 5 Litre and 10 Litre . 


How to order Mixed Colours...

Just select the 'mixed colour' option from the drop-down box, then send us an email containing the colour you would like your AllCoat to be tinted to or Simply specify your colour in the comments section after you have confirmed your order. (Please note: mixed colours are customised according to your colour requirements, cancellation restrictions apply, takes 48 hours longer to ship from our warehouse).


Note: Not suitable for exterior surfaces, or flooring, decks or roofs, or surfaces subject to water immersion, or prolonged contact with water. Drying and recoat times will be extended at lower temperatures. *Same day despatch applies for orders placed before 2pm on working days, and only where we have sufficiant stock available.

2.5 litre White£44.28
5 litre White£82.93
10 litre White£148.18
1 litre Mixed Colour£25.38
2.5 litre Mixed Colour£50.88
5 litre Mixed Colour£95.08
10 litre Mixed Colour£166.98

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Zinsser Allcoat - Multi-Surface Primer & Finish (Solvent Based)