Zinsser BIN - Primer Sealer and Stain Killer

Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer is the original shellac-based white-pigmented primer-sealer stain-killer. Can be used on all interior surfaces and spot priming exterior surfaces. Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer is formulated to seal, prime and block out stains on previously painted or new work. Any oil or latex paint can be applied over it.

  • Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer seals new wood, wall-board, cured plaster, all porous surfaces
  • Adheres to hard-to-stick-to materials, without sanding.
  • Blocks out stains - stops water marks, blocks knots and sap, smoke and soot, graffiti, grease, crayon, nicotine.
  • Primes and blocks out stains on smoke and fire damaged interiors.
  • Provides interior vapour barrier
  • Zinsser BIN primer Sealer Dries fast; lets you top coat in 45 minutes

Also consider fossa Block & Bond as a direct alternative to Zinsser BIN, it's a bit nicer to use, and quite a bit cheaper:


Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer and Stain Blocker seals surface pores so you use less finish paint. Finish coat has rich uniform appearance, with no "high" and "low" spots. Finish resists dirt better and has better scrubbability.

One coat of BIN Primer Sealer kills - that is, covers and locks, in even the worst stains that bleed through multiple coats of paint. With Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer , there is no bleed-through into the top coat to ruin the job. Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer provides an "anchor" for the top coat so it can't be chipped or scraped off easily. Whatever horrible paint or wallcovering may have been used before, you can make a new start with Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer. One coat will transform the grimmest, darkest colours into a flat white ready for a new finish paint or wallcovering.

Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer adheres tenaciously to all dense, smooth and slick surfaces such as: dense hardboard, chipboard, glass, Formica, melamine, ceramic tile, plastic, GRP, PVC and metal pipes, radiators, grillwork, fire doors, old varnish, and galvanised ductwork. No sanding or etching or deglossing agents are needed to get a firm bond and grip. Remove wax and degrease surfaces using Grax-it, or other suitable proprietory degreaser. Clean brushes and equipment in methylated spirits.

Available in White & Grey as standard, and mixed Magnolia 08B15 (Please note this product is customised according to your colour requirements, cancellation restrictions apply).

500 ml£17.55
1 litre£24.21
2.5 litre£48.38
5 litre£94.29
10 litre£179.05

*all prices include VAT